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Deep Green Wellness is a service oriented organization dedicated to providing affordable high quality organic herbal medicines, educational training programs, and retreats.  

Our three limbs of service include:

1.   A large herbal apothecary with over 250 organic bulk herbs, tinctures, powders, supplements and essential plant oils. When possible we purchase our herbs from local vendors and guarantee that all of our herbs are organic or grown without pesticides. We custom formulate orders for our clients and extend this service out to our community. If you are a local herbalist and would like us to blend herbs for your clients, we are happy to help!

2.   The Deep Green Herbal Apprenticeship Program. Offering a one year herbal apprenticeship program that provides a well rounded and in depth study of herbal medicines, human physiology, plant spirit medicine, plant identification, medicine making, clinical formulations, and counseling skills to prepare the next generation of clinical herbalists. Visit our "Workshops and Retreats" page for more details.

3.   Retreats that create a safe space for transformation and promote a deeper connection to the resources of the Earth. Our retreats provide training for individuals to deepen their knowledge of plant medicines, yoga, health, and wellness.


Ashley Sky Litecky is the founder of Deep Green Wellness and Sky House Yoga. She blends her background as a yoga teacher/educator, healer, life coach, and herbalist into all that she does. Deep Green Wellness is a living entity that serves as a cornerstone to ground her vision to unite the fields of mindful living, herbal medicine and yoga. Through retreats and collaborative work with like-minded individuals and organizations, these healing fields are blended and shared. To learn more about our work and our donation based wellness center in Silver Spring, MD visit

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